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Album Review: That Old Quiet Lighthouse ‘Learning To Live With Less’

That Old Lighthouse’s sound is as much a familiar one as it is distinctly unique.

Learning to Live With Less, is the debut album from That Old Quiet Lighthouse. The nine-tracks showcase the band's passion whilst being filled-to-bursting with catchy hooks, emotive alt-indie-emo-folk sequences, and quirky yet energetic vocals.

That Old Quiet Lighthouse’s nine-track offering is a splendid release written over the course of a couple of months at the beginning of the first lockdown during the global pandemic of COVID-19. The band began tweaking things and laid down the production, but it wasn’t until 2022 when inspiration struck to complete this album.

Each track is accompanied by lead singer and bassist Ashley’s bass playing that will immediately grab your attention, melodic and virtuosic all at once - meanwhile Phoenix’s striking violin and synth offerings, Gabe’s immaculate drum grooves and James’ vibrant guitar sounds all fuse together to bring this album to life.

That Old Quiet Lighthouse continues to pave the way for their music to be heard with their commitment of weaving the keen and emotionally charged lyricism in their songs, while putting the emo back in wholesome, and the passionate instrumental virtuosity for good measure. There’s equal parts an ode to life and equal parts proof of concept that wholesome emo isn’t just a paradox.

Overall, Learning to Live With Less, is an extraordinary debut. Written in the aftermath of a break up, and at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it deals with coming of age, learning to let go and framing memories and loss in a more positive light.

As debut albums go, this is an ambitious one. Packed to the brim with musical variety; multiple featured singers, violin, synths, cello, guitar and bass solos - you name it, there’s a seventy percent chance it’s in here. As it’s filled with masterful tunes and thought provoking lyrics, the versatility alone makes this a worthy listen.

That Old Quiet Lighthouse commented on the album, “It’s a break-up album, fuelled by the isolation and despair the first lockdown caused. But its focus is more on framing memories in a positive light, and coming to terms with the emptiness moving on can have initially. Song meanings for me usually come after the song is written; I don’t usually have a conscious thing I wish to express, I just write what feels natural and its meaning becomes apparent after the fact. It’s an album of grief, but also an album of love and appreciation for life - bittersweet as it is.”

Learning to Live With Less, is available on all streaming platforms.

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