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Book Feature: Charnjit Gill ‘Impression’


Impression, is a poetry collection that focuses on faith, relationships, and one’s sense of self engaging with an enriching journey written by Charnjit Gill.

The first section ‘Our Faith’ is an eye opening and thought-provoking read with good structure and pace that creatively moves the book along nicely.

It is full of meaningful content, it’s an easy read for the writer’s unique writing style showcasing her deepest thoughts penned wonderfully that will indeed leave an ‘impression’ after the reader is finished the book. It’s written like a diary-structured monologue in the sense the writer is talking to herself giving introspect with sharp and witty pieces.

The second section ‘Our Relationships’ is an insightful chapter with hard hitting pieces alongside its knowledgeable poems when the writer pens in the poem ‘Bound’ “our priorities takeover the present, we pin hopes onto the future , one day it will fit in the puzzle of life.” Theere

The book makes observations that reveal the depth of what appears to be on the surface, what one learns from the tiniest of moments finding strength, and its transformation healing process which lies in the emotional vulnerability. It’s truly a celebration read full of hope, the writer’s innermost thoughts that are treated with tenderness and compassion, while clarifying some of the mysteries in life in a poignant way to leave the reader feeling comforted and empowered.

Although it’s a quick read over the three sections of ‘Our Faith’, ‘Our Relationships’, and ‘Ourselves’, each poem is relatable with the heartfelt words and aesthetic experience which enlightens the mind and enhances the imagination of the reader.

Charnjit Gill has an MA in Creative Writing and a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. She is a private tutor and has been a spoken word artist for five years. Her work has been published in the London Spoken Word Anthology 2015-2016 by Gug Press, Typishly, Minerva Rising Press, From Whispers to Roars, KYSO Flash, Ghost City Press, San Fedele Press, Starfeather Publishing and Poets Choice. Her debut poetry collection is called, Impression, which is now available for purchase.


Tell us a bit about your writing background.

I have written in many genres over the years including fiction, nonfiction and short stories but I found my voice in poetry.

What, or who, inspired you to start writing?

I have loved reading since I was little and I have been inspired by the way writers can make you think and feel. It is an incredible skill to be able to have that much influence over your readers. I have so many writers to thank for this. Too many to list....

And what influenced your chapbook poetry collection ‘Impression'?

'Impression' is made up of 3 sections: faith, relationships and our sense of self. These themes were the most reoccurring across my poetry generally and the ones that I felt resonated the most. I wanted something that made people reflect on their relationship with the world, the people in their lives and the relationship with themselves in the broadest sense and on a personal level.

How has your life in general influenced your work in general?

Most of my work is influenced by life. It is an observation of some of the thoughts and feelings that I have which I'm sure a lot of people share. It is my way of articulating that in the best way I can. Sometimes it can be acknowledging learning something and crystallising it into a poem.

And how do you find the balance between writing about your own personal experiences and exploring topics that may not necessarily be autobiographical, but still speak to many people?

There is no right or wrong balance between writing about personal experiences and exploring other topics. I think it's a matter of personal choice and a writer deciding how vulnerable they want to be in terms of their autobiographical experiences as well as navigating their way through that. Certainly, drawing on personal experiences is the easier option for me but it can be limited. Writing about other topics give me the chance to explore other perspectives. There are lots of things that resonate with people but it depends how deeply people connect to what has been written.

What makes a piece of your writing right to post on your Instagram, versus the ones that stay in the book?

The poems that I share on my Instagram are most of them. The ones that stay in the book are a bit more special. They connect more with the overall theme and I feel they deserve greater attention because I hope that they will resonate with the reader on a deeper level. Longer poems usually become a spoken word piece instead.

And finally, what advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Advice to aspiring writers: keep writing despite everything, read as much as you can, enrich your life with experiences so you can draw from them for inspiration and believe that what you have written is worth reading.

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