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Book Feature: Tara Aryan ‘Poetry for You, Truths for Me’


“Love can manifest in many different forms. To be in love or to be loved is something truly magical.”

It’s clear to see Tara Aryan has a lot of life experience when telling her story. From penning poems about love to heartbreak, it’s raw and a release to read in Poetry for You, Truths for Me. Everything was bare with no sugarcoating the true essence of her truth.

Upon opening the book, the first poem titled ‘I Used to Be Me’ sets the tone of what’s to be expected from reading this collection of poetry perfectly. Discussing aspiring talent, feeling like a burden to losing herself, and diminishing self-love - it’s a brutally honest and heartbreaking read yet so relatable.

“I wish I could heal my heart so it was not bruised, so I’d no longer be hurt or feel like I’ve been emotionally abused,” is a stand-out line in the poem titled ‘Hurt’, where the sadness of this emotive pieces will pinch the reader's heart and play on their minds, seeing her words come to life in ways beyond imaginable.

From loathing the misery, to feeling the bleakness and the memories that taunt her, and the self-inflicted pain, it’s an interesting read with long pieces of poetry that are truly beautifully written with grace and honesty. “Poetically I’ve moved on as I write through tears and rhythms,” she pens in a delicate way that shows bravery and growth.

As the book progresses, the writer brings the sense of light into those dark moments. She writes about fighting to find herself through the heartbreak realising there’s certain things that will always go unanswered and she will be led astray.

Poetry for You, Truths for Me, contains pieces from teenage to adult relationships with an emotive storytelling of her personal journey through the pain of heartbreak told in poetry form. Containing topics of anxiety, love, and grief, the writer explores the true depths of this ache as she immersed herself in heartfelt rhymes and metaphors that will resonate with the reader. There’s strength in her writing with wonderful imagery that brings each piece to life.

Tara Aryan was born and raised in the UK where she currently lives with her husband and their two young sons. She’s a self published author who has spent the last few years trying to perfect her first two adult novels. Juggling this with a job in travel and a young family has meant that the majority of her time has been spent caring for her children, leaving the evenings to dedicate to her writing projects. In May last year, she decided to showcase her poetry work for the first time on Instagram which has seen her win many competitions within the community as well as magazine and anthology features. She is currently working on an adult fictional sequel and has recently published a rhyming children's book on the Coronavirus, called ‘Queenie Corona and The Ten Little Prints.’

Words by Danielle Holian


Tell us a bit about your writing background.

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. It started off with writing poetry with my grandmothers’. I’ve always written poetry and whilst I can write in different forms, rhyme is preferred. During my teenage years, I found poetry a real emotional release and over the years I’ve written pages and pages of it, some of which are featured in my first collection.

I realised that I had a real passion for writing when I would ask for writing pens from my grandparents rather than toys. I’d find myself writing short stories as a little girl that then emerged to novels in my early twenties which I rushed into and self published. Years later I removed them from the internet but never stopped writing! I am reviewing them as we speak with an aim to re-publish once critiqued. Juggling my writing projects with a young family (I have two small sons) is also extremely tough, but I work on my writing projects whenever I get the chance, particularly in the evenings. It wasn’t until I was furloughed during the first lockdown in the UK that I took the time and opportunity to rediscover my poetry which I kept hidden for many years.

I began to showcase my poetry work on Instagram with only a very small following, where I began to write a poem a day. I haven’t looked back since then, with some of my works being published in magazines, anthologies and my work being read and featured in different parts of the world. At the end of February, a poem of mine will be featured in a musicians concert in New York.

What, or who, inspired you to start writing?

My Grandmothers’. They shared a passion for writing, particularly poetry. My emotions also inspire me to write. I feel there is such depth in work if it’s written from the heart.

And what influenced your debut poetry collection ‘Poetry for You, Truths for Me'?

Relationships and heartbreak in a nutshell. My heart was broken as a teenager by someone I couldn’t be with but deeply loved. Relationships I went into after that never felt the same until I met my now husband and so the emotions I felt over these times have really influenced my writing over different times depicted in the collection.

How has your life in general influenced your work in general?

Greatly! If I hadn’t encountered some of the things I have experienced in my life, I don’t believe my work would resonate with readers. Writing is an emotional release for me, mentally and physically. I feel so much better once I have penned my thoughts.

And how do you find the balance between writing about your own personal experiences and exploring topics that may not necessarily be autobiographical, but still speak to many people?

There is a balance - but it’s not easy! It can be challenging not to always make it about yourself, but that’s what makes writing exciting! It holds so much power when your words can resonate with someone else!

What makes a piece of your writing right to post on your Instagram, versus the ones that stay in the book?

I think for me it’s very dependent on topic, time & how a piece of writing can speak to its reader. It can also depend on how I feel about the piece of work and whether I am looking for feedback.

And finally, what advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Never give up on your dreams. If you want it, go for it. Persevere, because if you don’t, you’ll never what you can achieve and believe me, you’ll surprise yourself

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