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Album Review - Logan J Parker

Logan J Parker released her debut self-titled six-track extended-play.

LJP opens the record with ‘I Don't Wanna Go’ which has an old school rock and roll vibe to it. She sings smoothly as the song builds up before diving heavy into the chorus with excellent vocals that finds her repeating the title, and is a great introduction track to the collection.

‘Love Is Just A Moment’ is a sorrowful yet beautiful track that the heartbroken will perfectly relate to. It's an easy listen with a smooth instrumental that tells a story about having love then losing it. It's a tearjerker setting the body of work up for further excellence with high expectations on where the EP will go.

As the record progresses, LJP has the talent to keep creating standout tracks that all, in turn, reflect her effortless craft of songwriting. All this material is heartfelt, emotional, and beautiful heart endearing that will be turning heads upon listen.

‘Fire and Rain’ is an energetic, soulful track with smooth sensibilities. Whereas, ‘Fragile’ has a fun production before LJP’s soulful vocals come in continuing on with the fascinating vibe throughout the record.

Moving on to ‘Cry Cry Cry’ it has a fun production with further fascinating vocals from LJP questioning life after a breakup then realising it's okay to shed some tears. The instrumentation on this particular track is amazingly fun to get up and dance away the sadness.

The EP is stunning with a blend of old mixed with fresh sounds finishing with ‘Dear Friend’  that closes the record with a letter like a song which adds more emotions as the collection comes to an end.

LJP sounds original and honest with herself as an artist on this collection of tracks which is surprisingly refreshing to see in today’s current music and it naturally reflects itself in the music she makes. Each track is unexpected with its unusual instrumental and vocal abilities that catch the listener off guard diving deeper into the story LJP tells on this record overall. It's a treasurable body of work with her laying her heart out on the line and being raw to create something very beautiful.

Her old soul voice is a refreshing and beautiful listen fitting perfectly into the instrumental. Everything throughout this album was wonderfully chosen with attention to detail which shows from the get-go. There’s infectious energy throughout the record that will grab the listener’s attention the moment each song begins. It’s clear to see LJP had strong emotions that fired through her creativity in a beautiful way.

LJP’s excellent take on the production colliding with her lyricism with a modern twist is a great introduction to her work overall. She’s in a league of her own making her music distinctive. The entire collection of tracks represents who she is as an artist and what direction of music she wants to take in this current moment.

It’s a brutally honest release from LJP that offers depth into her vulnerability as a creator. It’s an impactful record showcasing her incredible strengths as a songwriter and passionate storytelling. Throughout the six-tracks, it’s plain to see her exploring places in her creativity as a musician and wordsmith creating a distinct collection of tracks with craft melodies and incredible productions.

Overall, the self-titled release is an inspiring debut that will help people with similar stories that will, in turn, make them feel less alone. Each track is individual, but a perfect addition as a whole to the body of work. And with epic tales of love, loss, and betrayal LJP cues stories of romantic devastation that in turn will heal a broken heart from her music. She really has defined her signature and place as a musician.

Logan J Parker is a multi-talented musician of all arts including being a singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and pianist. The self-titled debut extended-play has a blend of old blues, soul, and 60's Rock and Roll that she mixes with modern-day sophistication. And with this record, she will take the world by storm with her music.

Words by Danielle Holian

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