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Single Review - Logan J Parker 'We’ll Be Gone, Blue'

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Aware of the importance of staying connected during these current times of a world pandemic, Logan J Parker wrote two tracks showcasing her strength, determination, and self-expression as an artist for her latest release, an A and B side single.

On side A, ‘We’ll Be Gone’ was written, recorded, and filmed at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. The jazz-infused song discusses the loneliness and hopelessness during this time portraying her fears about lives lost to the pandemic. There are a powerful message front and centre of this tune that reflects the times we are currently living in. It’s a smooth, heartfelt song with dark and moody lyricism accompanied by good flow and deep tones of her Gretsch resonator guitar, serving as an offering of hope from the songstress to her listeners.

On side B, ‘Blue’ is a glorious jazz-infused track featuring sad lyrics accompanied by the songstress’ soulful voice sung against the vibrant, swinging rhythm creating a summer mood. As the song progresses, there are excellent hooks that in turn are ear candy. Learning to play the ukulele earlier this year, this track is her first composition on this instrument. Logan commented on the track, “Blue is another sad song I wrote about the lockdown and it's dedicated to my mother and best friend Rita. Without her, I wouldn't be a musician.”

It’s a marvelous release from the songstress showcasing her progressing as a singer-songwriter while able to create art from a devastating time.

Logan J Parker is a multi-talented musician already with a successful self-titled extended-play under her belt, this is just another masterpiece to add to her evergrowing music catalog.

Words by Danielle Holian

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